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Graduation project - Econometrics / Operations Research / Data

's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, NederlandTechnology


As a Graduate Student at Floryn, you’re joining us in building a fintech company which provides fast and easy access to credit for small and medium sized businesses. We’re somewhat like a bank, but without the bureaucracy and the white collars. You’ll be working at a landscape of applications that are responsible for wiring million of euros, daily, directly into our customer’s bank accounts.

Potential graduation topics:
Your project on applied statistical modelling with economic data will provide Floryn with new insights to improve our decision-making with regards to credit-risk and customer acquisition. There are plenty of research opportunities that our data team has identified, and we are open to suggestions. Examples include:

  • Quantify market risk. What is the impact of (new) trends in specific markets on our risk portfolio and pricing? For example, the rising costs of energy prices might require an adjustment in our approval policies.
  • Build optimisation models to quantify the optimal risk / reward curve. Risk and reward are usually opposing goals, higher rewards might require higher risks. What is the optimal position Floryn should take? Should we change our approval policies in terms of risk, or can we improve rewards by making internal processes more efficient? Or do you have any other ideas?

About Floryn

Floryn is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the Netherlands. We aim to be the most responsible, scalable and customer-friendly online lender in Europe. We’ve lent out over € 800 million since inception (2016) and have processed over € 7 billion in transaction volume. We're located in a monumental building in the city centre of 's-Hertogenbosch that also houses the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS). We are with around 60 people, split over Development, Data, Risk, Marketing and Sales.

The technology that we build plays an essential role in everything we do, so we work with a fully in-house development team. Building great stuff is what drives us and quality always comes first. Our technology has a major impact on businesses and people. Our organisation is flat and communication lines are short, so we can move quickly. We don’t have code monkeys. Instead, we give you a problem and trust you will come up with an outstanding solution. We believe in sane working hours and long-term solutions, instead of 70-hour work weeks with temporary workarounds. We do things our own way, we ship code every day and we take pride in our work.


To give you a bit of an insight into our tech culture, we have a technology-neutral mindset to engineering and believe in well-tested, robust code. We love open source but are not religious about any specific language or framework. Our software engineers work with modern open source technology such as Ruby, Rails, ES6, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Docker and AWS. Our data team mostly uses Python, Deepnote, FastAPI, Scikit-learn, Pandas, dbt and Looker but often interact with other technologies deployed in the company. In fact, we are using predictive models in production and are managing of all the infrastructure around these models that is needed for them to perform well. We’re big on continuous integration and deployment, automated testing and Kanban, pull-based processes. Finally, we have a thing for knowledge-sharing, so make sure you prepare a cool lightning talk about your work. 



  • You like to work on complex problems using data
  • You are following a Econometrics / Operations Research related master's program at a Dutch educational institute
  • You are available for 6 months
  • You have some practical experience working with data and programming


  • Compensation of €750,- per month
  • The project is for one student
  • Communication is in English
  • You will be the 8th consecutive successful master graduation project at Floryn
  • Great coffee and free lunch at the office
  • MacBook Pro and all high-end gear that you need
  • A fantastic office in the center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, flexible working hours and freedom to also work remote